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 doner meat burger takeaway

The quick and easy option to create a doner kebab!

To create a tasty doner kebab you don’t always need the doner cone. We supply pre-cooked and sliced doner meat ready to reheat and use. We can supply thick slices of fully cooked doner, frozen in boxes. With the boxed variety you’ll only need to use 6 to 7 slices per kebab. The doner slices can be heated on a skillet, pan, griddle or in the oven or grill. Each box contains 4 inner boxes weighing 1.54kg. No need to defrost the box as you can pull out one slice at a time.

Frozen but authentic!

We also sell frozen doner which has been prepared and cooked on a doner cone. This doner meat is sliced the traditional way so is thinner than the boxed variety. The strips are available by the bucket weighing in at 2.54kg. Here’s your reheat guide:

lamb doner meat and chips

Heating instructions

(based on 1lb/0.45kg)

from frozen (850W)

  • 2 minutes on defrost setting
  • 60 seconds on full power

(cooking times may vary)

from frozen

  • 6 minutes grilling
  • Rotate half way through

(can be kept in a water bain marie)

Order quick and convenient cooked sliced doner
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