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 sugared pitta bread with ice cream

Pitta Folds
Perfect for

Our New York Style Pitta Folds are made with the highest quality North American flour; this gives them a light and fluffy texture. Pitta folds can be used to create a range of yummy breakfast dishes to add to your menu. Combine with berries, nuts, honey and cream to make a sweet breakfast or fruity dessert dish. Or for a twist on a classic English breakfast, stuff the pitta fold with favourites like scrambled egg, sausage, mushrooms, onions and cheese. The pitta folds are highly adaptable for a range of eateries from table service restaurants to fast food outlets and chip shops.

More reasons to choose Pitta Folds

  • Higher quality bread
  • Genuine flavours and colours
  • Cholesterol free, milk and vegetable oils used
  • Higher moisture level for freshness
  • Only takes 10-15 second on a contact grill
  • Great plate coverage to deliver a superior sandwich
 nachos created with toasted pitta bread

What will you fold

  • Traditional Kebab - Combine our 8" Soft Dakota Fold with layers of thinly sliced Golden Delight Doner Meat, tomatoes, onions, salad and chilli sauce.
  • Flatbread Nachos – Layers of deep-fried 8" Soft Dakota Folds topped with melting cheese, sour cream and salsa.
  • Mediterranean Tapas Plate – A tantalizing platter of houmous, tzatziki, olives and falafel accompanied with grilled 8" soft Dakota Fold wedges.

There is no comparison to taste and texture.
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