Real Meat Doner Cones

Doner, or 'Gyros' means 'rotate' in some continents.  It is a traditional Byzantine (Greek/Turkish) sandwich that is made with selected meats, seasoned with zesty spices, thinly sliced and then piled onto our fluffy, ultra-soft Dakota flatbread folds or wraps.

All of our Doner cones are Halal or HMC, and we are accredited to ship all over the world (Gulf Areas, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc), so the 'pittabilities' are endless.

Real Meat!

Never synthetic or plastic


Cooked Sliced Doner

The Quick and Easy

option to creating a

mouth-watering kebab

To create a tasty doner kebab, you don't always need the doner machine.  We supply pre-cooked and sliced doner meat, ready to reheat and eat.  We can supply thick slices of fully cooked doner, frozen in bags or boxes.  The doner slices can be heated on a skillet, pan, griddle, or in the oven or even microwave ...and there is no need to defrost the whole bag or box; with the machine sliced doner loaves, you can pull out just one slice at a time.

Authentic sliced doner is cooked and hand-cut here in our factory, just as it would be in a restaurant or takeaway; whereas the machine sliced is cut automatically, giving shorter, but still delicious, pieces.  We only use whole-muscle meats, not MRM's in all our doner meat!

Lamb 'DonerShawarm'

Made from 100% Lamb Shoulder


Lamb 'DonerShawarm'

Our Lamb 'DonerShawarm'  is a true doner innovation you can't get anywhere else!  Full chunks of pure lamb shoulder, specially bound to form a cone that is delivered to you ready to use, can be placed on a traditional doner spit to cook and be shaved with a traditional doner knife for fantastic flavour and portion control.


Once your customers get the taste for this all lamb masterpiece, we guarantee they won't go anywhere else! 


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